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Apple Butter

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Get a bushel of apples, core and cut off all bruised spots and cut them in quarters. 

Put in a big pot, add a small amount of water (just enough so they don't burn) and simmer until soft.

Run them through a sieve or ricer which will take out all the peelings.

Season the sauced apples with brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste
(or other seasonings of your desire).

Put in big shallow pans.

Bake in a moderate oven until it is reduced to the consistancy desired.
We usually reduce the sauce to about a quarter or less of when it started.

Put in sterilzed jelly jars and can in jars with lids.

daisy bar

This should be enough apple butter for a year or so unless folks start asking for it all the time or it gets given away as gifts.

Sometimes we  can portions of it to be used as waffle sauce.
Then reduce it more for a 'butter' to be used on toast.
You can also use it in cinnamon buns or as a sauce for pork.

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